(Please keep in mind this is not a interview. Just casual talk between a fan and one of his rock 'n' roll hero's.)


September 4, 2001, 10:30 a.m. I made a call, the phone rings and this guy answered the phone and I asked for Ed Meadows. The reply was "This is him".  The next words were "Punky, this is Joe". He knew who I was from the last attempt of trying to meet him. The rest of the phone conversation was the basic I want to make sure you were gonna be there and if it was cool to come by. I certainly didn't want to pop in unannounced. We arranged a time that was good for the both of us, I put my Angel stuff in the car and hit the road.


                                                                        Joe Jones & Punky Meadows September 4, 2001

I walk thru thru the door and there is PUNKY MEADOWS!! We started talking and I gotta tell ya right off the bat. He is one of the coolest guys you could ever meet. Very friendly and down to earth. He really got a kick out of the stuff I had. I have heard that he has lost some of his Angel memorabilia over he years so I was more than happy to give him a couple promo shots, a poster and some vinyl.

He is very happy with his business and is very successful with it. He showed me around and it is most impressive. The time I was there every costumer seemed to love the guy, (They were just trying to figure out who the idiot was asking for this guy's autograph.) If they only knew.


You and I have always heard the ol' KISS story, Paul didn't want Punky in the band because he was prettier than him. Punky went on telling me he remembers the audition. He walked in and they were jamming on some Zeppelin. Later on they call him and offer him so much money and he turned it down because he and Gregg were still trying to do something with Angel. pissed off Gene and Paul. Who would turn down a offer to be in KISS right!!

When I asked him to sign the picture below he asked if I knew how his "pucker" came about? He continued explaining that he bites the inside of his cheek and the photographer took a picture while he was doing that. Well, the next photo shoot the photographer said "Punky pucker for me". The rest is Angel history.

Punky asked if I made it to the Jaxx show and wanted to know how that was and wanted to know who played guitar. He said he has been talking to Frank and he didn't want to play without rehearsing and the stage show. He feels Angel is kinda like Kiss. It's just not the same without the big stage production.

As he was signing my "BAD PUBLICITY" lp, he was telling me how that cover was his idea and they really wanted to get away from the white image. Well when Neil Bogart saw it he had a fit. The cover had to be changed to the famous "Sinful" cover we all have now and they needed to keep the image.

He currently doesn't play music with anybody but he say's he strums along to "Vince Gill" on the radio. He is into country music because it is challenging. He also loves the blue's and really dig's Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I think I was there for about an hour or so and Punky seemed really happy about shooting the shit, looking at Angel stuff and strolling down memory lane. What you have just read is not word for word,  just a brief rundown. And me, I was so tickled. You'd thought I'd swallowed a feather duster.


JU          Just Before The Show At Jaxx May 5, 2001                 The New England Kiss Expo September 26, 1999


Randy Gregg, Frank DiMino, Joe, Barry Brandt & Steve Blaze - Baltimore Md. April 21, 2002